Ecotourism Australia Team Member and UNWTO ecotourism research

Recently released research into best practices in ecotourism on behalf of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) was developed by UQ School of Tourism Senior Lecturer Dr Lisa Ruhanen and graduate Ms Leonie Bowles who is now employed at Ecotourism Australia as Program Coordinator.

The released report titled Compendium of Best Practices and Recommendations for Ecotourism in Asia and the Pacific is designed to provide examples of sustainable ecotourism in practice, and complements previously published UNWTO best practice studies.

The compendium provides specific case studies  demonstrating ecotourism in practice and illustrates how tourism operators in the Asia Pacific are aiming to meet the principles of sustainable tourism in their ecotourism operations.

Leonie Bowles graduated from the UQ School of Tourism with a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management in 2009, after which she commenced an  internship with the UNWTO’s Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, based in Spain.

Leonie has been working with Ecotourism Australia since August 2011, helping tourism operators achieve certification.

The book can be purchased from the WTO online store at

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