Wildlife Coast Cruises

Wildlife Coast Cruises has recently achieved Advanced Ecotourism Certification.

Wildlife Coast Cruises has been operating since 1994, taking visitors to scenic wildlife marine areas along the South Eastern coastlines of Victoria, that public do not normally have access too. The business specializes in marine eco cruises and tours to Seal Rocks at Phillip Island, as well as eco tours of French Island National Park and the Coastal Marine National Park of Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria.

The business has been awarded Advanced Ecotourism Certification for their experience: French Island Cruise and Eco Tour, Seal Watching Eco-Cruise and Wilsons Promontory Full Day Eco-Cruise.

The cruises are an ideal option to see Phillip Island’s beautiful landscapes, rich history and amazing wildlife in their natural environment.

For more information contact Wildlife Coast Cruises on 1300 763 739 or www.wildlifecoastcruises.com.au.

For more information on ECO Certification please go to: www.ecotourism.org.au/eco_certification.asp

2 thoughts on “Wildlife Coast Cruises

  1. Hey. I took a cruise with this company recently and am surprised that they are eco certified. I an curious how a massive cruise vessel that consumes a significant amount of Diesel fuel which sends black plumes out of exhaust pipes out the top of the vessel, hands out plastic sick bags and sells packages food and has no guards around their propellers to prevent harm to wildlife can be consider eco friendly. Would love a response on this matter and how they qualify.

    • Hi Jo Sayah, thank you for your comment and your concern. We always appreciate feedback on our operators to ensure they are complying to our standards. For some large vessels, diesel is the only fueling option available and large vessels are not able to shroud their propellers. Our criteria takes into account various elements that may be out of the operators control by having the operator address and mitigate any environmental risks. While the operator’s vessel may use diesel, they may operate the vessel in a manner so as to have minimal impact on the environment under the circumstances. While the operator may sell packaged goods on board their vessel, they may have appropriate recycling and disposal programs in place. Our ECO certification criteria covers environmental management, economic sustainability, contribution to conservation, education and interpretation, and social responsibility. We do take claims against our certified operators seriously, if you would like to discuss your observations in more detail or lodge a formal complaint, please send further information to eco@ecotourism.org.au and we will investigate your claims with the operator. Many thanks, Ecotourism Australia

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