New Deluxe Cabins at Hidden Valley Cabins

Advanced Ecotourism certified Hidden Valley Cabins celebrated the launch of their three new Deluxe Rustic Cabins. In the past 12 months, this award winning tourism business has  battled Cyclone Yasi, dealt with the tourism slump driven from the high Australian dollar yet also managed to expand their business and reach a new style of audience.

Hidden Valley Cabins’ Operations Manager, Ross McLennan, said the three new deluxe cabins added a new dimension to the eco resort with a deluxe level of accommodation enhancing the resorts sustainable image.

The cabins were built using local hardwood timbers, particularly recycled timber that fell from Cyclone Yasi and meet the highest environmental building standards, featuring premium grade insulation and LED lighting allowing all three cabins’ lighting to be powered by two 130w solar panels.

“Much of Queensland’s tourism industry centres on our wonderful natural assets, it is wonderful to see that businesses like Hidden Valley Cabins is continuing their environmental sustainability but not forgetting the creature comforts in the process,” Mayor of Townsville Cr Tyrell said.

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