ECO Certified Operators feature in Matt Moran’s T-QUAL Tour

On Thursday 22 March 2012, renowned chef Matt Moran launched his T-QUAL Tick Tour of Australia. Starting in Sydney, Matt stayed overnight at Roar and Snore in Taronga Zoo (Advanced Ecotourism Certified) an overnight experience getting up close to the animals.

At the launch of Matt’s T-QUAL Tick Tour, Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director of Tourism Australia said “The T-QUAL Tick is working to promote quality tourism in Australia and raising industry standards and is backed by the Australian Government. Matt’s tour will give people all over the country an insight into exactly why they can trust the T-QUAL Tick when booking their next holiday, allowing them to relax safe in the knowledge that they will enjoy value for money and a quality experience.”

After Sydney and Tasmania, Matt headed north with a trip to Sea Darwin (Advanced Ecotourism Certified) who took Matt for a special morning tea of Kangaroo tail and periwinkles.

Information on Matt’s T-QUAL tick tour can be found via Matt’s blog, Matt’s Twitter account, Matt’s Facebook page, and YouTube.

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